i am drew. i am from georgia. i love to write.
i am a constant thinker. i am a minimalist at heart.
i have a passion for life. i thoroughly love style and fashion.
i love starbucks soy chai tea lattes. i love meeting new people.
chances are i want to get to know you.

i don't claim any of the images, videos etc. posted on my blog unless stated otherwise. if the content belongs to you, i will remove it per your request.

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Loammi Goetghebeur | Photographed by Eric White

Kim Wonjung by Mok Najung for GQ Korea March 2014

Austin Victoria (Next) by Kevin Trinh

How have the gays not jumped on the K-Pop Girl Group bandwagon though?

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reno di gois by godiva art studio

Daniel Garofali

Flint Louis Hignett photographed by Cecilie Harris for Boys By Girls #6

@jacobmasonjm and david @balenciaga @rickowensonline make up by @di_lucazanetti and hair by @jillcento #ysl #yvessaintlaurent #makeupartist #elements #salon #rome #fashion #model #milan

Roman Shepityak

It’s really hard to be okay with life sometimes…jus sayin’

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max emerson by leonardo holanda

Louis Mayhew by Hadar Pitchon | Transmission Magazine #3